Preparing our high school students for the unprecedented changes of the future

Emerging Entrepreneurs is a plug and play high school program teaching entrepreneurship and innovative thinking (and mapped to national curriculum).

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“60% of the jobs 10 years from now haven’t been invented yet”

– Thomas Frey

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Inspiring your students

Emerging entrepreneurs gives students the skills and confidence to create their own future in the modern, ever-changing world.

A complete toolset

Students will understand how to create a profitable business from the ground up with no prior experience or ideas required.

Working together for a greater cause

Forming teams within the classroom, students will combine their skillsets and embrace their strengths as they attempt to build a profitable business over the term.

Working with your restraints

Your time is valuable and we’re happy to work with you. Let’s chat and we can organise a delivery schedule that will best suit your school.

A step by step guide

Nothing is left to question in the course. Your students WILL have the exact framework to be a successful entrepreneur after finishing our program.

Class leading online platform

We’ve built the absolute best online platform in order to keep your students engaged & motivated, even outside of school hours. Achievements, competitions, live chat, course content. It’s all there.

The future isn’t waiting

The time to teach our children how to create their own businesses is now. ¬†Employees aren’t the future anymore, entrepreneurs are.

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